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Common Questions

what size businesses does SHIPFORLESS support?

ShipForLess supports all types and sizes of businesses.  We have clients that ship 5 to 10 packages a week from a home office to clients that ship a thousand package a week. From local to domestic to international we ship around the globe.


what can I ship?

We ship envelopes, packages, boxes, skids.  We even ship cars.  The oddest thing we've shipped - a Helicopter. 


can I mix and match carriers?

Mix & Match to your hearts contend.  You'll receive the same discount to matter how often (or not) you use any carrier.  


are there minimums or "tiers" like the carriers?

Nope !  No minimums - your discount is your discount regardless of the volume shipped.


what info do I get with the Shipforless portal?

You'll see everything you need to see:

  • All the carriers

  • All their services

  • Delivery times

  • The cost to deliver the shipment

You can quote and ship for the same page with the click of a button.


are there fees to use Shipforless?

Nope !  The price you see one the portal is the price you pay.  There are no admin or service fees. You are only billed for what you ship.


how am I invoiced?

You'll receive ONE consolidated invoice from ShipForLess regardless of which carriers you select.  We will consolidate all your invoices and provide one invoice from ShipForLess with all the details.


how does shipforless offer such great rates?

We can offer great rates because we represent hundreds of companies and negotiate volume discounts.

We have minimal overhead.  You will be serviced by the provider you select - ShipForLess simply provides a method for you to see the rates we negotiated for the shipment you want and you pick the best level of service at the best price.

All couriers have a 'sweet spot' where they offer the best pricing, this 'sweet spot' is different for each courier and almost never overlaps meaning that if you only use one courier sometimes you pay less (in the 'sweet spot') and sometimes you pay more (not their best rate).  

Using you will always have a 'sweet spot', you can always pick the price and service level that is best for you.

The result, you save with every shipment you make.


how do I start?

Select 'Register Now' and a customer service associate will get in touch with you to answer any questions and get you started.




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