If you would like to receive a quote for a shipment please send the following information to info@shipforless.ca:


Ship From Country - Postal or Zip Code

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Height, Width, Depth of the Package (in inches)

Package Weight (in lbs)


If you're looking to ship an envelope simply say 'looking to ship an envelope'.


Our customer service team will promptly send a quote over.


Once you have an account quote look up is fast and easy and you can do it

instantaneously on your login page.


Please keep in mind that ShipForLess.ca is a Business2Business offering.  We offer extremely competitve pricing for small to large businesses.  You don't need to ship 100's of parcel to enjoy our discounts but you do need to be a registered business that ships on a regular basis.


Thanks for thinking of ShipForLess.ca, I hope we can help.



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